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Welcome to High-Tech Security Services

Hello, Welcome to High-Tech Security Services where you will learn , basic security procedures like health and safety, report and evidence writing, bombs and emergency response, Canadian legal system, legal authorities and post order. This program is specifically designed to help you pass your Ontario security guard license test which provides you great job opportunities. You can put your trust in us so the world can trust you.

Why Become a Licensed Security Guard?

A security guard license allows you to work in a job setting where you work to protect people or their property. Licensed security guards can work at various jobs and places. There are different types of jobs available for licensed security guards. Some of them are listed below.

Security license may include working as a:

  • Security Guard
  • Concierge
  • Airport Security
  • Event Security
  • Security Companies
  • Bodyguard
  • Bouncer
  • Or Loss Prevention employee

In order to work as a security guard, you need a valid security guard license in Brampton. According to Ontario Private Security and Investigate Services Act, you must need a valid security guard licence. You may be exempt from Ontario training and testing if you are presently licensed from any other province or territory.

How it Works?

Register for Course with us !! Follow the Simple Process to get the Security License Quickly.

Step 1 -
Register For Course

• Register from Website.
• Make Payment
• Start Online Security Course Immediately.

Step 2
Study Online Course

• Get 24×7 Access
• Use any Device, Cellphone or Computer
• Watch Module Videos, Practice Tests & Prepare for Ministry Exam

Step 3
CPR and First Aid Training

• Attend CPR and First Aid Class for In-Person Session
• Clarify any Doubts or Procedures from Experienced Instructors during in-person CPR Class.

Step 4
Receive TCN

• On Completion of Modules & Practice Tests, We Will Get Your Training Completion Number from Ministry.
• Book your Ministry Administrated Test At any Test Drive Centre in Ontario.
• You can also do the Ministry Test Online from home

Step 5
Pass Exam & Apply for License

• We Will Guide You Through Entire Process at Each Stage of Licensing.
• Start Working as Security Guard With any Security Company in Ontario.